Leaders of the Yancheng government visited the Croptec factory

(Yancheng/July 27th) — On July 27th, 2023 Beijing time, the distinguished municipal government leaders visited the Croptec factory to discuss new trends in the development of agricultural science and technology. Croptec factory is a leading enterprise in the field of agricultural science and technology under Harriston. It is committed to promoting agricultural modernization and sustainable development, and has made positive contributions to the prosperity of the agricultural industry.

During the visit, the government leaders personally experienced the advanced production lines and modern equipment of the Croptec factory. The factory has an efficient and intelligent production process, as well as a strict quality management system to ensure the high quality and stability of products. The leaders expressed their appreciation for the modern management and technological innovation of the factory.

The research and development team of the Croptec factory demonstrated the latest agricultural scientific and technological achievements to government leaders, including intelligent agricultural equipment, agricultural information technology and plant protection nutrition products. The application of these technologies and products enables farmers to manage crops more efficiently and improve the yield and quality of agricultural production.

At the meeting, government leaders had an in-depth exchange with experts from the Croptec factory, discussing the prospects and challenges of agricultural technology development. The two sides agreed that agricultural science and technology is a key element in promoting agricultural modernization and sustainable development, and that scientific and technological research and development and application should be strengthened to promote green, intelligent and sustainable development of agricultural production.

Mr. Zhu Haiyang, representative of the Croptec factory, said that he will continue to increase investment in agricultural technology, continue to promote technological innovation, and provide more strong support for agricultural modernization. At the same time, they also expressed their willingness to work closely with government departments to jointly formulate agricultural science and technology policies and promotion plans to promote the long-term development of the agricultural industry.

After the visit, the government leaders affirmed the development achievements of the Croptec factory and thanked the company for its contribution to the development of agricultural science and technology. They emphasized that the government will continue to increase support for agricultural science and technology, and provide more powerful policies and financial guarantees for promoting agricultural modernization and sustainable development.

As a latecomer in the field of agricultural science and technology, Croptec factory will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation, contribute more to the prosperity and development of the national agricultural industry, and create more benefits for farmers.

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