The Croptec factory is now in operation.

The company mainly produces agricultural equipment such as multifunctional crawler tiller, KRM series rotary tiller, CRM series heavy duty disc plough, paddy trencher, harvester gearbox assembly, and various types of harvester and tractor parts.

What is a Rotary Tiller?

A rotary tiller, which is also known as a rototiller, power tiller, rotavator, rotary hoe, or rotary plow, is a motorized cultivator. It works the soil by means of rotating tines or blades, and is either self-propelled or drawn as an attachment…

Harriston Rubber Track & Pad can be ordered.

In order to better serve the customization requirements of some customers for track products, we have launched a product manual on track and related track blocks. You can find your corresponding crawler needs according to your needs, contact us, and…

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